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Компании XSEED Games и Marvelous Europe назвали ориентировочные сроки выхода «анимешного» файтинга Granblue Fantasy: Versus в Европе.

Ожидать выхода Granblue Fantasy: Versus европейским геймерам следует в первом квартале 2020-го года. У себя на родине, в Японии, игра выходит 6 февраля.

Помимо стандартной версии, в продаже также можно будет отыскать специальное издание. В его состав войдёт диск с игрой, компакт-диск с саундтреком, артбук, а также коды на загрузку бонусного контента. Также специальное издание Granblue Fantasy: Versus можно буде приобрести в цифровом виде.

Hi, I’m Danielle

Age: 14, 15 in November

Location: In Between the lines of Life and death (Man I feel creepy)

Why the Penname?: I guess it was whim. I don’t really understand why I chose it, but its fine for me.

About me: I love Anime, Manga, Writing, and Music. I really like to express myself and feel that the only way to get into other peoples heads is to do what they do and actually try to understand them. I love to write stories based on all types of fiction, and sometimes biographies. I also like meeting new people, so anytime you want just say hi!

I love my friends, including my penpal Emily (RainsNightSong), and my best buddy ever Sami (Flood of Dreamz)

Special Samiksha Moments:

1. Sami and I walked out of the movie theaters laughing when she spots her mom. It had rained earlier, and her mom had driven into a puddle. Sami’s reaction:


2. Suddenly Sami is hit in the head with a volley ball during Gym class. Her reaction:

"Oh Look a pencil. Ow!"

3. This one has no explanation.

Hey. Mom your bed in squishy.

I Like it!"

To See With Eye’s Unclouded- A war that rages on throughout the world of Demon’s and Angels. It has lasted for over a million years and has been predicted to never end. That is until, and long lost belief comes true when a Demon Boy named Hate, and an angel Girl named Love (Ai) with the same intentions for stopping the war, meet in the mist of Battle and form an Alliance that can never be broken, even through Death.

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Immutable Aria- this is a story about girl named Konresu Moritenshi, who is abused by her father, Alone, and Mute by choice. She thinks that her mother died because of her any feels she deserves the abuse given by her father, and that she is to blame. But Suddenly three new kids come along, and with the help of her mother-figure teacher Mrs. Winston she learns that Life doesn’t always have to be an Unchangeable Melody, an Immutable Aria.

Carnivorous -There is a murderer inside all of us, hidden deep within the coldest parts of our hearts. Our sanity happens to control that part of our heart but what happens when Hiromi’s sanity starts to slip away? How is she suppose to manage stopping herself from killing her friends and her family when she wants to? In a world that has to face reality, Hiromi has to face the fact that it’s impossible to stop yourself from killing others without killing yourself. Being eaten from the inside out by your own willpower never felt this horrifying.

"There is pleasure, sure, in being mad, which none bu madmen know!"

"Who then is sane? he who is not a fool."

"Insanity is something I look forward to, but if insanity is my forward then your looking behind me, and by looking behind me you’ve succumbed to backtracking my footsteps and thus have realized why exactly history, and all her hideous mistakes, is repeated. But I’ve also come to realize that if your looking behind me then I’m to look behind you, and this is exactly why I’m confused as to where the hell your footprints are. So I have come to the conclusion that I have strayed off the road completely, torn through the roots of society’s cornfields, and have somehow managed to bare a child who is in fact, 23. But in the end, your still the madman because only a madman would bother to figure out how I arrived at this brilliant conclusion. So to appease your curiosity, I shall tell you how. My friend, I am not a madman. I am a madwoman. "

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Sony Pictures опубликовала первый трейлер хоррора "Остров фантазий" (Fantasy Island). Фильм стал переосмыслением телесериала с одноименным названием, продакшеном занимается Blumhouse.

Загадочный мистер Рорк воплощает в жизнь самые смелые и тайные мечты своих постояльцев на роскошном труднодоступном тропическом курорте. Но будут ли готовы гости разгадать тайну острова и спасти свои жизни, когда их фантазии обернутся кошмаром?

Режиссер — Джеффа Уодлоу ("Правда или действие", "Пипец 2"). В ролях Майкл Пенья, Люси Хейл, Мэгги Кью и другие.

Премьера состоится 14 февраля 2020 года. Слоган фильма — "Крики сбываются" (Screams come true).