Longfin pasty with melon sauce

Level VR15 Food

Type: Gourmet (H/M/S)

Quality: Purple (Complex)



4252 Max Health & 3912 Max Magicka & Max Stamina

Duration: 120 Minutes


Frost Mirriam


Do you know where I can find this recipe? I received my first eight stage writ several days ago, but as I don’t have the recipe I’m unable to even start it. Been checking various outlets, but so far no luck

Sorted……. 🙂 I spent half an hour checking various guild stores (my first time using a guild store even though I’ve been playing the game since the beta) and found one in Stormhaven. It cost me just over 18K gold, but I reckon it was worth it.

I have the Blade of Woe skill which helps me to earn over 15K a day by thieving then assassinating NPC’s. Spending two or three skill points to increase the amount I can fence increases the amount to between 130 to 160 items a day (from the basic 50). I get rid of the white 40 gold piece items and fence the blue 250 and 100 green items with the occasional purple 1500 gold thrown in. So far the most I’ve earned for between half an hour to less than an hours work was just over 18 000 Gold. (Though you can also earn good money if you are willing to devote some time to farming for crafting materials, which sell for quite a lot; for example:

Yesterday I gathered over 2.5K of Rubdite Ore (several surveys I’d accumulated from writs etc; plus lots of luck finding it all over the place). Pricing it up on various guild stores could see a return of almost 100 000 Gold, though I preferred converting it to ingots to get the high-quality tempers that randomly drop, as I’ve spent skill points to increase metalworking to it’s the highest level and which also sell for a lot of gold. I dropped 25 Tempering Alloys from the ore, they also sell for thousands each. 🙂

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Pure random drop. No way I know of to target that specific recipe to a specific drop area.

This, found one in a random container in Imperial City Prison.

Минимальное количество 1

Всё быстро и четко) Даже бонус есть. Уже третий раз заказываю и всем доволен :D

Качественно и быстро. Радует сервис. Точно закажу ещё ;)

Все отлично и быстро, думаю еще вернусь за голдой для тес онлайн :)

Всё быстро и отлично. Даже больше отправили. Рекомендую, отличный сервис)

спасибо пацаны оперативно. Всегда оперативно по отличной цене.

Брал TESO золото. Все супер! Быстро и качественно!

заказал валюту, доставили за 10 минут, очень доволен сервисом, буду еще обращаться

Grade A stuff. I’m unlsuetionabqy in your debt.

Доставили очень быстро голду, сверху сделали еще небольшой подарок ;) очень приятно! спасибо!

Быстро, удобно. Спасибо!

Отличный сервис, всегда хорошее, человеческое отношение, буду обращаться сюда еще, и обязательно посоветую друзьям и знакомым.

Сделка совершенна отлично была покупка под протекцию. Деньги за голд получил.

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